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Emotion-Focused Dietitian

You’ve got the medical nutrition therapy. You’ve got the meal planning. And yet, you can FEEL something is missing. Supervision is the place to explore what that something might be. Through connection, collaboration and reflective listening, we will work together to strengthen your counseling skills as an emotion-focused dietitian. 

This could look like discussing how to use your emotions as a superpower to feel more confident navigating challenging situations such as knowing when to take a harm reduction approach, providing weight neutral & affirming care, and catching countertransference in the moment. All while maintaining your scope of practice. 

We have been taught to show up in our work as dietitians, without emotion.

(And let’s face it, that’s really hard to do.)

I’ve been in your shoes - an ambitious dietitian wanting to lead with more authenticity, expand my therapeutic tool box, and strengthen the trust in myself to have the hard, nuanced conversations my clients deserve.

Through years of training with therapists and receiving my own supervision, I have fine-tuned my ability to hold space differently by intentionally cultivating containers that allow clients to slow down, sink into vulnerability and find a sense of relief and connection. This support has allowed me to expand past the traditional limitations of what a dietitian “should” be and into something deeper.

registered dietitian.
founder of sb nutrition therapy.
supervisor for emotion-focused rds.

I'm Sterling Bittenbender.

Hey y'all!

And to hold space differently. 

is for you to gain an increased sense of trust & confidence in yourself, deepen your understanding of where your sh** shows up in sessions, and develop a solid professional home base.

I’m here to walk alongside you, not in front of you.
To help you embody and embrace being an emotion-focused dietitian. 

My highest intention for our work together

$320 / mo

pay 3 monthly installments


pay in full

3 Month Supervision Package

I offer two different supervision packages. Both options allow us to develop a professional relationship and talk through anything that arises in your work as a dietitian working with eating disorders and disordered eating.

Supervision Packages

You get to bring in any questions and concerns, and we’ll also chat through the things you weren’t taught in your internship, like providing a harm-reduction approach, professionally creating space for emotions in sessions, and understanding how your personal bias shows up in your client work.


The three month supervision package allows for two 60-minute meetings each month for three consecutive months. This option is ideal for a dietitian who is in private practice or feels most supported with more frequent check-ins.


pay 6 monthly installments


pay in full

6 Month Supervision Package


The six month supervision package allows for one 60-minute meeting each month for six consecutive months. This option is ideal for a dietitian who has continued support outside of supervision (i.e. working in a higher level of care or in a consultation group) or someone who wants longer time between sessions.


Have a question about setting up your private practice?
Want to do an audit to ensure that your practice is showing up in alignment with your values?
Interested in how to build an affirming practice?

Then a one hour consultation is for you! During our hour together, we will dive into one area of your business that you want support in.

fast feedback for one area of support

One Hour Consultation


You want to ensure that your practice is doing the most to support all humans.


You’re a self-aware human who wants to better understand their biases.


You’re conflict avoidant, but ready to navigate how conflict can allow for a deeper connection.


You want to build an affirming practice or provide affirming care.


You’re eager to explore how your own emotions can enrich client interactions.


You’re a registered dietitian working with eating disorders and disordered eating.

We'd be a good fit if...

Here’s some of the things that I’ve gained from getting my own supervision: 
  • Trust in myself to have the hard, nuanced conversations my clients deserve
  • A stronger emotionally-focused clinical tool box
  • Confidence that I am a better dietitian when I lead with authenticity and intuition

Being a dietitian working with eating disorders and disordered eating is tough work. Doing this work in community is way better than doing it alone. 

Having a supervisor means having someone to support and walk with you as you navigate trying new things for the first time. Whether it’s upholding professional boundaries, holding space differently for your clients, or creating a new offer in your business, your supervisor (aka me) is in your corner, looking out for you, and coaching you through it all.

You’re missing out if you don’t.

but sterling... do I *actually* need a supervisor?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between supervision and consultation?

Supervision is ongoing support. Consultation is for a hot spot challenge.

When you sign up for supervision, you are committing to three or six months of doing the work that it takes to be a more emotion-focused dietitian. Ultimately, this allows us to have a collaborative, side-by-side relationship that is going to best support you trusting your intuition and getting to the answers that are already there.

When you sign up for a one hour consultation, you are getting a short amount of time to troubleshoot and chat through one area of your business.

What does support look like in between sessions?

When you sign up for a supervision package, we will meet twice monthly for three months or monthly for six months. In between these sessions, you can email me for quick questions or schedule additional 30 minute check-in calls for $90/session. I want to be available for you if something urgent comes up, but part of the work of being a dietitian is also sitting in some of the discomfort that comes with working with eating disorders and disordered eating clients!

What are common questions that you might cover in supervision?

There's very few things off-limits in supervision sessions! Here are a few questions that have come up more than once...

  • How do I move out of weight centered care into weight neutral nutrition care?
  • What do I do when my client discloses trauma in my session?
  • How do I navigate being furious with my client?
  • What do I do with all these feelings showing up in my sessions? And is this in my scope?
  • How do I talk to doctors?
  • How do I form a nutrition group?
  • How do I navigate a board complaint?
  • How do I navigate a conflict with a colleague?

Can I continue with supervision after my package is complete?

Absolutely! I'm happy to talk about this on a case-by-case basis to see what support makes the most sense after your package is complete. We have the option to renew with another package or switch to one-off consultations as needed.

Thanks so much! Your message has been sent and I'll be in touch shortly about supervision.

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