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Does food feel like the enemy?

Somewhere along the way, there was a disconnect. A disruption. And food began to start controlling your life. You know you need to eat, but food feels like the enemy. You want to have the energy to make a difference in the world, but you’re scared to let go of the comfort that control over food has. There's this lingering illusion that letting go of this control will trigger the domino effect of losing everything else in your life - success, drive, and finding what you truly want.

Life is meant to be expansive and full.

And food can be instrumental in getting back in touch with yourself. But instead of focusing solely on the “what” of food, we get to focus on the why and the how when it comes to nourishing, taking care of, and showing up for your body.

Come home to your body.

Get back to a life worth living.

Connect with your limitless power.

Whether you’re recovering from an active eating disorder or navigating the chaotic ebbs and flows of your relationship with food…

Let’s find a sustainable way to engage with food that supports your power and your passions.

A space for us to get to know each other and take a deeper look into why you are choosing to work with a dietitian. We will explore your medical history, health concerns, dieting history, and past and current eating patterns and relationship to your body. By the end, we’ll determine what types of support you would like to reach your goals.

30 minute follow-up

As you gain the skills to challenge diet culture and those pesky thoughts in your head, we won't need to meet as often! We'll gradually work to 30 minute follow-ups, which are formatted similarly to the 50-min follow up sessions (just with less time). $85 for 30 min session.

50 minute follow-up

We will reflect on the progress made and unpack diet culture programming, with no shortage of nutrition education along the way! It's a space to move as slowly as your nervous system needs while also celebrating the small victories that lead to success with longer term goals. $150 for 50 min session.

80-min initial session | $185

Clinically light. Feelings dominant. Intuition led.

Registered Dietitian + Founder of SB Nutrition Therapy

I have always had a pull for the wilder side of life. I grew up with a rigid definition of what success and happiness looks like and ultimately my “black sheepness” didn’t mix with what I had been taught. 

Fast forward to today, where I continue to push the boundaries, whether it's changing my hair color every few weeks, providing a space for my clients to say a big "f*ck you" to diet culture, or reminding you that you are a soul having an human experience.


We have been programmed to believe things have to be a certain way.

And to that, I say NO THANK YOU. And will challenge you to do the same.

As an empath & highly sensitive clinician, I am able to meet you where you are, while also holding space for where you would like to go. I use my intuition and sensitivities to better understand barriers that are present for you having more flexibility and freedom with food. 

The    Truest Version of Myself

(very condensed, yet)


Recovering perfectionist that is constantly looking for the gray area.


Says "f*ck" a lot.


Known for breaking out in weird accents every now and then.


Avid roadtripper with my wing-pup, Otter Bear.


Never without a plant in my line of sight.


Capricorn Sun
Sagittarius Moon
Capricorn Rising

Looking for your people to dismantle diet culture with?

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This just in...

- A Hesitant (yet Willing!) Ditchin' Diet Culture Client - 

Sterling has supported my life journey in ways I think are hard to put into words. I began work with Sterling extremely hesitant. I (very confidently) did not think I needed to engage in work about my relationship with food. I was terrified to face necessary changes for my life and health. Sterling meets me week after week and honors my humanity. She continually pushes me while recognizing the ways my needs are unique to me and shape our work.

- ED Recovery Warrior -

I’ve been working with Sterling for over 3 years now and she is the best! Sterling creates a judgement free, welcoming, and collaborative environment. As a person living in a large body, finding a dietitian can feel extremely scary, but with Sterling I have never felt more welcome to take up space and encouraged to celebrate my body as it is. She has helped me to dismantle my ideas around food and bodies that have been so ingrained in me and has been my biggest supporter in my eating disorder recovery. Sterling is extremely easy to talk to, encouraging, and empathetic. She’ll sit with you in the hard stuff and celebrate your each and every win. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Colleague -

I have so much trust in Sterling as a clinician. Not only is she knowledgeable and insightful from a nutrition perspective, but she also provides the empathy and grounding work that is crucial for clients in eating disorder recovery. She brings tremendous strength to the team!

- Fellow Colleague -

Sterling is a uniquely gifted dietitian who thinks like a therapist. She has incredible intuition and works in a holistic and embodied way. Sterling is a generous collaborator and I learn so much from her when we share clients. I highly recommend Sterling to anyone wanting to learn more about their relationship with food!

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance. All of the sessions and groups I offer are private pay only.

At the end of each month, you will receive a superbill that you can submit from insurance reimbursement depending on your insurance plan. To make this process easier, I partnered with a company called SuperBill that deals with the insurance company so that you don’t have to! For more information, feel free to email prior to your appointment. 

Will I have to cut things out of my diet?

HELL to the NO! I practice from an anti-diet perspective and believes that all foods fit. Depending on your specific needs, we will work together to liberalize your diet as much as possible so that you can find freedom with food. I approach medical nutrition therapy from an “add-in” perspective compared to an “eraser” method. 

Will I have to start taking a bunch of supplements?

Not unless you want to! I believe that most people are able to achieve their health goals without having to spend additional costs on supplements. You are the driver of your health goals and if taking supplements is not a part of that desire, they will not be included. 

How long do we work together?

As long as you and your dietitian deem valuable! My desire is for you to have the freedom and space in your life to do what you love. We will meet at a frequency that best supports you in getting back into your life. 

What’s the difference between a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a Nutritionist? 

An RD has completed specialized schooling, coursework and ~1200 hours of supervised practice in a Dietetic Internship. After completing the coursework and internship, a RD has to sit and pass the Registered Dietitian exam. This education and training allows them to have evidence based knowledge for a variety of nutrition interventions. Nutritionists do not have to go through a crediting program and is a title that is not regulated. 

How will we be meeting?

Whatever way that is best for you! If you live in the Austin area, I have an in-person space for you. If not or you prefer to meet virtually, SB Nutrition Therapy offers HIPAA compliant virtual sessions. 

I don't live in Texas. Can we work together?

It's possible! Some states require the dietitian to be licensed in that specific state, others you just need to be a dietitian. For specifics about your state, shoot me an email to see how your state works!


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